Echevarria Travel Specializes in Working with Clients With Special Needs, Especially Those On Home Dialysis

Since 2008, we have specialized in all forms of travel for #adultonlytravelers to #Worldwide #Destinations from #cruises to #allinclusive resorts, to those #bucketlist destinations like #Egypt; #Greece; Italy and more.

We also offer dedicated service in helping those with #specialneeds and #disabilities to have the greatest experiences possible.

Being that myself (Cheryl Echevarria) has been disabled since 2002 from complications from Type 1 Diabetes, hasn’t stopped me from enjoying my life and traveling as much as possible to destinations I can travel to, that might not be all of my dream destinations but it helps me help all of you, do what we love to do. That is planning your travels.

Today, I am focusing on those who are on #Dialysis. Not an easy thing to do traveling as a person who suffers from #Kidneyfailure since 2002. I have done it all from in center dialysis 3 days a week, to home dialysis (#Peritoneal Dialysis) and now I am waiting to start home hemo dialysis.

It is different for each person.

Number 1; If you are in center on dialysis, you can only #cruise using I cannot do anything for you when planning this, your insurance will not cover it, so you need to find out what is covered and if you can do this type of traveling. For in center traveling, within the United States and that includes Alaska and Hawaii, you need to check with your vendor it’s either Davita or Fresnia, they will help you find a center and a chair for the time you are visiting, you must give them a call directly not your center, at least 3-6 months prior to traveling, depending on where you are going. For example: One of the most busiest center is the one closest to #WaltDisneyWorld in Florida and #Disneyland in California. You want to see what is available prior to contacting Echevarria Travel to plan you trip.

Same with Europe and other destinations.

For those that do PD Dialysis or Home Hemo Dialysis might be different again per individual that is traveling.

  1. You need to check with your dr to see if you are stable enough to travel.
  2. If not you will have plenty of time, to try and get better.
  3. You need to contact Baxter your home supplier and make sure that they can ship to that destination or cruise line.
  4. You will need to take your machine and other supplies like connectors etc with you. The supply bags will be sent by Baxter to ship or hotel destination.
  5. Do not, repeat do not, put machine in with luggage that is not going to be with you. Medical Machines are not considered one of your carry ons due to the FCC, so it should fly for free.
  6. Make sure you do not give machine and supplies to porters at cruise port, it might be an inconvenience but keep machine with you until you get to your cabin or hotel room, you don’t want it to get lost.
  7. Enjoy your trip.

Home Home Patients:

Per every cruise lines out there, I have been in touch with them all from Premium to Luxury liners. They all have told me the same thing, and it isn’t clear on their websites, so I have the information here.

  1. You must be doing Home Hemo Dialysis for a year or more
  2. Must have a medical note from you Nephrologist, and send this to the cruise line with the rest of your information. I would have to reach out to the Access Department of said cruise line after booking your cruise.
  3. Must reach out to nxtstage the supplier of your dialysis bags to have supplies shipped to cruise line, FYI, they do not do all destinations and cruise ship, so please contact Nxtstage when thinking of traveling prior to making any plans. Or you might be disappointed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me Cheryl Echevarria at 631-456-5394 or; please allow us 24 hours to return calls, please leave a message via email or voicemail.


We thank you.


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