Travel can be difficult now, but don’t despair. We can help

In the dictionary, despair, means – he complete loss or absence of hope.

I saw nothing is hopeless. I should know with all my health issues, etc. I am still here and I still travel when possible.

You may have been watching on the news about all the airlines cancelations.  Sorry to here this is happening, but I am not surprised. These pilots and air traffic controllers have been working overtime, and giving up their vacations and sick time during the COVID pandemic. Many have left the field, and in the hospitality industry.

So the word, you all should use and remember, is “PATIENCE” the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

First, do not, I mean do not start planning tomorrow to leave on Friday for a vacation, it ain’t, lol isn’t going to happen. Even though many places are now not needing testing to come back into the USA, you still may need a Negative PCR test 48 hours prior to traveling.

Second, I would start planning for pricing going lower and availability (September-October) for airfare if you need it. Prices are much lower for that time frame then going now.

Third, instead of flying to your destination. Try a cruise, you can go many places in the Summer, and we have great rates, and many of the cruise ports are close to you whether it is driving or taking the train.  Again, your patience on a cruise will be needed, many of the staff has not returned and they are having many issues getting staff back from the countries they work with like the Philippines and other countries they are some of the best staff out there, if you ask me. Capacity on ships are not at their fill yet, and probably wont be for this reason. So book early, do payment plans, save money.

More information coming.

Cheryl Echevarria

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