Awesome review from my clients 50th Birthday Getaway

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For starters, I just had clients return from his 50th Birthday Getaway with Family of Couples to Secrets Wild Orchid Resorts  

Located in Montego Bay, Jamaica

They are not part of the Hyatt Family of Resorts, so you can earn  Hyatt Points as well.

First of all, Nelson and I love Jamaica, ever since we went back in 2014. I have heard all great things about this Island Country, from my parents who traveled there on vacation when we were little. To our neighbors who were from there and one of my dear friends and husband is from Jamaica. So we had to go and check it out ourselves. Now before I give the review of this client. We want to let you know why even though we loving traveling the world Jamaica is our playground for all ages.

Whether you want an all inclusive or a villa. These parishes and towns like Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Negril, Kingston and more are all different and beautiful

The food and the rum, OMG! I love Appleton Rum. Food like Oxtail and Ackee and Codfish and so much more.

Plus the people are fantastic.

So ,we hope you will allow us to show you our playground.


Now for the review, the clients love the trip. They stayed at a Ocean View Walk Out. This isn’t to the beach, but here are a few photos to show you from their room, they didn’t send me many photos, but glad they shared with me.


Clients loved the food, the drinks, the entertainment and so much more. They drove by Margaritaville and also went to Dunns River Falls, which is a must do when in Jamaica.

Here is our visit to Dunns River in 2014, I need me some Jamaica! How about joining us on a group getaway? Comment Below.


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