Épicerie JA Moisan

Quebec City

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Épicerie JA Moisan

JA Moisan is a fascinating store, with tiny rooms packed with all kinds of food. As you enter and wander around, let the place take you back in time: it is indeed the oldest grocery store in North America.


Among the many picturesque streets and historical buildings, your shopping experience will be one to remember. Quebec City boasts entire streets dedicated to shopping, and has nothing to envy bigger cities in that respect. Visit the Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec, which is a large market with all kinds of natural products, from fruit to vegetable, or step into Les Galeries de la Capital, one of the biggest malls that Quebec has to offer - big enough to include a roller coaster! Art galleries, traditional glass work, vintage toy stores, crafts and design are also ubiquitous.