Pub Des Borgias

Quebec City

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Pub Des Borgias

A true gem, this Micro brewery in the heart of Quebec City offers a great selection of beer, but also some amazing scotch and wine, and can turn into a pleasant eatery. Don't miss out on the onion soup: the specialty of the house that will have you coming back for more.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you are in for a crazy night of partying, or would much prefer listening to live music (or singing yourself) with a good ale in hand, there are enough options in Quebec, despite the city being smaller than its counterparts. Stroll over to rue Saint-Jean for a relaxed pace and atmosphere where everyone comes together to sit at the local bars and have a quiet drink. Expect to find a highly cultural environment with influences and people from all over the world. There are options for every musical preference, from opera to dance and rock. One of your best options might be to go to one of the many festivals that take place each year, but be sure to check the dates beforehand.