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Doing Business

Business appointments aren't usually scheduled more than a week in advance and should be reconfirmed by phone the day before. Schedules are often changed at the last moment if something of higher priority comes up, so the prudent business traveler should always have a contingency plan in case meetings don't materialize. Punctuality is not a virtue: whatever time you're given is approximate, so don't expect to keep a series of tightly scheduled appointments. Never start a meeting by coming immediately to the point of business; always start with general conversation. Sensitive questions are approached politely and indirectly. Business cards are always appreciated.

It's generally fine to address business contacts by their first name. Moroccans use the respectful "Sidi" to precede last names. Note that with male business associates and acquaintances, inquiring about female spouses is not appropriate. Instead, one is asked about his "house" and the health of family members.

Moroccans tend to dress more formally than Americans in business dealings. Business attire is usually coat and tie for men and business skirt or slacks for women. A small gift or token is appreciated but never expected.


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