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Customs and Duties

When entering Egypt, there are few restricted items, beyond the normal prohibited goods, such as firearms, narcotics, etc. Customs officers will be concerned if you bring in goods in large amounts to sell for a profit—for instance, large numbers of cameras or mobile phones—but most visitors have no problems.

The Egyptian authorities are very keen to keep control of their historical heritage, so you'll need official paperwork to allow you to export anything regarded as an antique or antiquity.

If you want to bring your pet, you'll need a certificate of origin and a health certificate. The certificate of origin should be from the breeder or store where you bought your pet. The certificate of health needs to be dated and stamped by your vet.

When you arrive in Egypt you can bring in alcohol and tobacco duty-free. You can also buy further supplies at accredited duty-free shops during the first 48 hours after you arrive. In Cairo, you'll find shops at the airport, City Stars Mall, and in the Mohandiseen district. There are also shops in El Gouna and Sharm El-Sheikh.

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