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Boat Travel

If traveling from Spain, take a ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar. The most popular crossing is from Algeciras to Tangier. Algeciras to Ceuta (Spanish territory inside mainland Morocco) is a popular and shorter route. High-speed ferries make the trip in 30 to 40 minutes. Unfortunately, disembarking in Tangier can be a traumatic way to enter Morocco. You're likely to be greeted by unpleasant characters, who won’t cease to harass you until you've parted company with some money, or at best suffered some verbal abuse. If you do find yourself hassled by bogus peddlers or officials asking for a bribe, rest assured, there is no need to hand over any extra cash if you have a boat ticket, no matter what you are told. Always buy a ticket from an official source as there are many tricksters at the ports.


Southern Ferries Ltd. 0844/815–7785;

Trasmediterránia. 902/45–46–45;


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