Essential Western Balkans

05/21/2023 through 09/02/2024
05/21/2023 through 09/05/2024
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Essential Western Balkans

Veer off the usual Balkan route and discover some of the region’s lesser-visited places on this historical adventure. Starting in cosmopolitan Budapest, travel to the Serbian capital of Belgrade for a taste of a European city on the up. Learn about Bosnia and Herzegovina’s war years in Sarajevo, stop by the famed Old Bridge of Mostar, discover the beachside gem of Budva and wind things up in Dubrovnik, one of Europe’s hottest hangouts. Melding the past with the present, the historic with the euphoric, this trip ticks all the boxes with plenty of free time, plenty of history to learn and plenty of places to head out and party.


  • Belgrade – Rakija Tasting with Locals
  • Sarajevo – Hike to Yellow Bastion & White Fortress Viewpoints
  • Mostar – Stari Most


  • Enjoy plenty of free time with your group to discover the communist past and modern progressive vibe of Budapest: the ‘Pearl of the Danube’.
  • Immerse yourself in the edgy street scene of Belgrade’s Bohemian Quarter, then dance the night away in one of Europe’s nightlife hotspots.
  • Learn about the dark history and rebuilding of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, with a walk up to the White Fortress overlooking the city.
  • Cover a lot of ground in Montenegro, meeting up with the Adriatic coast in beautiful Budva along sandy beaches and shimmering waters.
  • Visit Mostar’s famous Old Bridge and witness a traditional bridge jumper hurl themselves into the icy waters below.


Day 1 Budapest
Day 2 Budapest
Day 3 Belgrade
Day 4 Belgrade
Day 5 Sarajevo
Day 6 Sarajevo
Day 7 Mostar / Budva
Day 8 Budva
Day 9 Dubrovnik
Day 10 Dubrovnik

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