Essential Egypt

03/04/2023 through 12/22/2024
03/04/2023 through 12/25/2024
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Essential Egypt

Ancient history, endless golden sands, crowded souqs – Egypt is the ultimate destination for adventurous travellers. This nine-day tour is the perfect mix of blockbuster wonders and intimate moments, planned activities and time to wander. Your local leader will take you to bucket list icons like the Pyramids and Luxor, then guide you off the beaten path to eat koshari in a local downtown Cairo joint, or into a bazaar to meet a perfume merchant. Kayak the Nile, spend a night on a traditional felucca, drink your body weight in mint tea and more. The best part? You’ll do it all with like-minded travellers your own age.


  • Cairo – Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx
  • Aswan – Kayaking
  • Aswan – Orientation walk & bazaar visit
  • Nile – Felucca overnight sailing trip
  • Nile – Dinner and Music Felucca
  • Luxor – Valley of the Kings (entrance to 3 tombs)
  • Cairo – Khan Al-Khalili Bazaar


  • Cities like Cairo can be dizzying, but your local leader and guides are there for a reason – they’ll have you heading straight for the best local spots.
  • Yep, the pyramids and Sphinx are awe-inspiring. But the smaller moments are special too – like kayaking on the Nile, dancing with Nubian locals and learning to spell your name in hieroglyphs.
  • Squeeze between stalls at an Aswan bazaar and meet a perfume merchant who will school you on everything from mummification to smelling pretty for a date.
  • Spend overnight cruising the Nile in a felucca, which is a bit like a floating living room. Stop at villages and temples by day and stargaze by night.
  • You’ll get plenty of free time in massive historical sites like Luxor, so you can grill your leader for tips on the way there and then set your own pace.


Day 1 Cairo
Day 2 Cairo/Pyramids/Sphinx
Day 3 Aswan
Day 4 Aswan
Day 5 Nile Felucca
Day 6 Luxor
Day 7 Luxor / Valley of the Kings
Day 8 Cairo
Day 9 Cairo

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