How and What to Pack For Various Types of Travel


We hear it all the time! I packed to much stuff for our trip. I didn’t pack enough stuff for our trip. Do I need to get check my bags? What do I need on my vacation, what do I not need on vacation?

Packing for a Cruise is way different then packing for a land destination vacation.

It also depends on how many days of a trip you are taking.

When cruising things you do not need to bring with you:

Toiletries: Soap, shampoo, conditioners – these are supplied for you unless you have a preference. it will keep a lot of the planes, if you are flying, less baggage to worry about leaking as well.

You will need to bring your own toothbrushes and toothpaste they do not supply them.

Hairdryers, they have them on board.

I usually bring clothing wise for a cruise for 7 days, is a small luggage bag, both Nelson and I bring our own. A 28″ or less upright bag, and 1 smaller bag.

Always put bathing suit on under clothes. That way, when we get on board, we can head straight for the pool

I bring enough underwear 1 per day, and 2 bras.

Men, enough underwear per day.

Light sweater for cooler nights.

You do not need to bring towels etc. Again they have them on the ship.

1 bathing suit, maybe 2

1 pair of jeans, and 3 pairs of slacks to interchange.

Dresses, I love sundresses, so maybe 1 or 2. Maybe one for the evening.

2 pairs of good walking shoes, just in case one gets wet on an excursion, if you wear high heels maybe 1 pair. You will be in Sandals or walking shoes the rest of the time.

Check your room category, some of them offer your own robes, and bathrobes are bulky.

Pajamas and nightgowns

Also, on the last day prior to the end of the cruise, they have cleaning service, take advantage of this at a discount, who wants to come home and do laundry after a vacation.

Of course makeup, suntan lotion. Do not get on the ship, they are way to expensive. The same with aspirin and other over the counter meds you might need. Again, the stores on the ships are expensive to purchase from.

Best  way to pack your suitcase.

Start with the bulky items and try and fold them as flat as possible, put on the bottom of one side first, then you can fold pants in 3s instead of in half. Roll up things like leggings and other lighter pants and clothes and put in between the bulky items.  On the other side of the luggage, put shoes in baggies, so they don’t get clothes dirty. Also jewelry, put each piece you are wearing separately in a piece of tissue paper, that way things like earring and necklaces do not get tangled up.  Underwear and bras in the pockets of the luggage.

I highly recommend not packing your meds and medical equipment in the suitcase, in case you need to take then in travel or you are waiting for your room and need to take them, keep in a large tote bag. and put liquid meds in a plastic bag. Make sure you keep all prescription labels on, so security doesn’t check and ask what it is.

I put in a separate tote bag for souvenirs and that can be folded up and put into suitcase.

We also use the Compression Cubes, they come in handy when packing. We recommend Travel Cubes by Topaz Hill on Amazon 

We will be coming back to you soon on how to pack for traveling outside the USA. Stay Tuned.

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